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Facing my fears

✓ Dogs

✓ Sunlight

✓ Heights

✓ Bridges

✓ Water

[ ] Spiders

[ ] Bugs

[ ] Blood

Today I was watching an episode of Kate Plus 8 where she was gonna jump off a sky tower and be lowered down.. her reaction was 100% of what I used to feel towards all my fears.  It was enlightening cause I used to always think maybe I’m the only one who feels that way cause how come everyone else is fine? and I’d feel embarrassed because I’d think maybe people think I’m faking it or something.. but omg her reactions and meltdowns and mental state .. I could totally relate to all of it.  By the end of the episode, I was crying and I DIDNT EVEN REALIZE IT.  I was so wrapped up in the show thinking “I KNOW HOW U FEEL” without realizing I was crying along with her until it was over lol. 

I also remember watching this one Korean variety show where the boys were deathly afraid of the dogs.. their thought processes and reactions was how I used to be too!! can’t believe I can approach dogs no problem now :) I still feel a tiny bit of fear inside if the dog is too jumpy but I can mostly hold my ground.

I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress in facing my fears.. I still feel scared but I CAN ACTUALLY GO THROUGH WITH IT now (most of the time ).

I watch those shows and it makes me realize how much progress I’ve made because I used to be like that..and you wouldn’t be able to get me to do it.. i would cry..have a meltdown..hyperventilate..etc.  but now I’m like “lets do this!” and am the one that takes the initiative instead of being coerced =)

one day I’m going to conquer it all and be the bravest person you’ll ever know!

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it’s like you’re my mirror


it’s like you’re my mirror

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Frozen toddler plush - Anna and Elsa (c)Disney

A look at the Frozen Anna and Elsa toddler plush I designed for the Disney Stores. These were just released online last night, and already SOLD OUT!!!

BUT, they will be in store next week. So, be sure to get them while you can! SO CUTE!

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Witty Greeting Cards by Two Hens

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I hate making decisions. I never know if it’s the right one or if I’m justified in my decisions.